What We Treat

Pre/Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Pre-operative physiotherapy prepares patients for surgery through exercises, education, and pain management. Post-operative physiotherapy helps with pain, mobility, and strength after surgery, promoting a smoother recovery.

Both pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapy are key to a comprehensive approach to surgical care. Surgeons often prescribe these therapies as part of the overall treatment plan to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes and a smoother recovery journey for patients. 

What can we do to help?

Our therapists will work with you to get you to get you to your best self before your operation and back on your feet after an operation. We will provide you with advice and exercises to help reduce pain and stiffness, increase your balance and co-ordination, and enhance the healing process. The specific exercises and techniques we use will vary based on the type of surgery and your unique needs, making your rehabilitation and prehabilitation highly personalised.

How can we help you today?​